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6 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

September 30th, 2012 11:30 AM by Ginger Turner

1. Don't Grab WiFi:  signing on to insecure networks can leave you open to hackers and identity theft.  Take steps to reduce your exposure by visiting websites that use https (instead of http).  It's better to use your own Internet service even if it is slower.

2.  Be Careful and Original with Passwords:  do not use the same passwords on social networking sites that you use to access banking sites or email.  Consider leaving a list of passcodes on your PC but stored as something innocent-sounding like Gingerbread Cookies.

3. Keep Your Credit Cards Safe:  many credit cards and debit cards now contain RFID strips that allow the convenience of "waving" your card at a register to purchase an item.  Thieves can now purchase machines to carry on them that allow them to simply steal your information by standing next to you.  Consider purchasing an RFID sleeve to protect your information in your wallet or leave credit cards at home that you don't use regularly.

4.  Protect Your Mobile Devices:  keep your virus protection up to date and also install a security program on your smaller devices that can protect you from viruses, such as Kapersky.

5.  Get an Annual Credit Check Up:  You can receive a free credit report once a year at AnnualCreditReport.com.  Read the results and correct any problems that could be bringing your score down.

6.  Be Careful Online:  avoid clicking on websites that come through your email.  Instead manually type the website address into the address bar.  If you have a virus protection program that checks your emails, run it on the email you are questioning and it will tell you whether it has a virus.

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Posted by Ginger Turner on September 30th, 2012 11:30 AM


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